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About SoulTrips.co

SoulTrips.co is a unique travel platform that offers transformative and soulful experiences for those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their travels. The platform connects travelers with local guides and hosts who provide personalized and authentic travel experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions.

SoulTrips.co was founded with the belief that travel can be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. Through their carefully curated trips, SoulTrips.co aims to create a space for travelers to connect with themselves, others, and the world around them. Their trips are designed to be immersive, experiential, and transformative, taking travelers off the beaten path to explore the hidden gems of a destination and engage with its culture and community.

One of the unique features of SoulTrips.co is their emphasis on sustainable and responsible travel. They work with local communities and organizations to ensure that their trips have a positive impact on the environment and local people. Their trips also include opportunities for travelers to engage in meaningful service projects and give back to the communities they visit.

SoulTrips.co offers a wide range of trips, from wellness retreats to adventure travel, cultural immersion experiences, and more. Each trip is carefully designed and curated to provide a unique and transformative experience. Travelers can choose from group trips or customize their own private trip to fit their interests and preferences.


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About Druk Asia Private Limited

Druk Asia was founded in 2008 as a travel organizer for soulful trips to Bhutan. She is the representative of Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines in Singapore. SoulTrips.co was born during the pandemic to provide her travellers with more choices of destinations to further connect with themselves. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and also strong partnerships around the world, Druk Asia is able to provide assurances and curate transformative and soulful experiences for her travellers.
For more info, visit www.DrukAsia.com