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8D7N Joined In Palau Diving Experience

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  • 12 dives in beautiful Palau over 4 days, including 2 dives at Peleliu
  • Snorkel at Jellyfish Lake
  • Dive at famous dive sites such as Turtle Cove, Big Drop Off, Ulong Channel, Siaes Corner, etc...


Welcome to Palau, a diver's paradise nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Get ready for the most relaxing diving experience of your life. The moment your plane touches down, you are in paradise and we take care of everything. Take in the sights, stretch your legs, collect your bags, and our airport transfer will be waiting for you, ready to take you to your hotel.



● 7 Nights' accommodation with breakfast based on double-sharing basis
● Meals are on half board basis (7 Breakfasts, 4 Lunch)
● Daily pickup and drop-off from the hotel to the dock
● Tours and admission tickets as per mentioned in the itinerary
● Transport in an air-conditioned vehicle
● All government taxes


● Flight tickets and airport taxes
● Travel / Covid Insurance
● Tipping for guide and driver
● Personal expenses such as international call charges, minibar, laundry
● Any other items that is not mentioned in the inclusions above


Terms and Conditions
● The above rates quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
● Travel / Covid Insurance
● Tipping for guide and driver
● Personal expenses such as international call charges, minibar, laundry
● Any other items that is not mentioned in the inclusions above


Day 1 - Arrival

Welcome to the stunning archipelago of Palau! Get ready to embark on an incredible adventure filled with natural beauty, cultural experiences, and unforgettable moments.

After your journey, take the day to relax, unwind, and acclimate to the stunning surroundings. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast facing Palau’s azure blue waters and free to explore the resort facilities, take a dip, or simply bask under the sun.


Meals: Breakfast

Day 2 - 3 Dives (Turtle Cove, Big Drop Off, Ngenchorg)

Breakfast in the resort.

Begin your journey at Turtle Cove, where you'll be greeted by the gentle giants of the sea, the sea turtles. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and witness these magnificent creatures gracefully gliding through their natural habitat. Marvel at the vibrant coral formations and the diverse marine life that call this cove home.

Next, venture to Big Drop Off, a dramatic wall dive that plunges into the depths of the ocean. Descend along the wall and be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the underwater landscape. Encounter schools of colorful fish, including butterflyfish, angelfish, and parrotfish, as they dart in and out of the coral formations. Keep an eye out for larger marine species, such as reef sharks and eagle rays, that often make appearances in this area.


Conclude your day at Ngenchorg, a stunning dive site known for its stunning coral gardens and abundant marine life. Explore the intricate coral formations and be amazed by the kaleidoscope of colors that surround you. Encounter a variety of marine species, from tiny nudibranchs to larger pelagic fish. Don't forget to look out for the resident Napoleon wrasse, a majestic fish that often frequents this area.


Meals: Breakfast / Lunch

Day 3 - 3 Dives (New Drop Off, German Channel, Jellyfish Lake (snorkel))

Breakfast in the resort.

Begin your day at New Drop Off, a renowned dive site known for its stunning wall dive. Descend into the depths and witness the vibrant coral formations that line the vertical drop-off. Marvel at the diverse marine life that inhabits this underwater wonderland, from colorful reef fish to graceful sea turtles.

Next, head to the famous German Channel, a must-visit spot for divers. This channel is home to an array of marine species, including manta rays and sharks. Experience the thrill of encountering these majestic creatures up close as they gracefully glide through the channel's clear waters.


After an exciting day of diving, it's time to visit the enchanting Jellyfish Lake. Put on your snorkeling gear and immerse yourself in the surreal experience of swimming among thousands of harmless jellyfish.


Meals: Breakfast / Lunch

Day 4 – 3 Dives (Blue Holes, Blue Corner, Turtle Wall)

Breakfast in the resort.

Embark on an extraordinary diving adventure in Palau's renowned dive sites: Blue Holes, Blue Corner, and Turtle Wall.

At Blue Holes, prepare to be mesmerized by a network of underwater caverns and tunnels. Descend into the depths and witness the stunning rock formations adorned with vibrant corals. Keep an eye out for curious reef sharks and graceful eagle rays that often frequent this site.

Next, venture to Blue Corner, a thrilling dive site known for its strong currents and abundant marine life. Drift along the wall as you encounter schools of colorful fish, including surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and triggerfish. Be prepared for close encounters with larger pelagic species like sharks, barracudas, and even the occasional manta ray.


Lastly, explore Turtle Wall, a haven for sea turtles and a paradise for underwater photographers. As you descend along the wall, you'll encounter these gentle creatures gracefully gliding through the water. Marvel at the vibrant coral formations and keep an eye out for other fascinating marine life, such as nudibranchs, moray eels, and reef fish.


Meals: Breakfast / Lunch

Day 5 – Free and Easy

Breakfast in the resort.

A free and easy day in Palau allows you to explore the beauty of this tropical paradise at your
own pace. Start your day by soaking up the sun on one of Palau's pristine beaches, such as
the famous Rock Islands or Ngardmau Waterfall. Take a leisurely swim in the crystal-clear
waters or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.


Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 – 3 Dives (Ulong Channel, Siaes Corner, Siaes Tunnel)

Breakfast in the resort.

Visit these three remarkable sites in Palau: Ulong Channel, Siaes Corner, and Siaes Tunnel.


Ulong Channel is a thrilling drift dive known for its strong currents. One of the significant attractions of Ulong Channel is the abundance of marine life that can be observed here. Upon entering the channel, divers will be greeted by schools of reef sharks, which can number in the hundreds. As divers drift deeper into the channel, they can observe the fantastic soft and hard corals and beautiful sea fans. Depending on the season and moon phase, divers can also witness mating groupers, sharks, or triggers, which makes the dive site an exciting and thrilling experience.

Siaes Corner offers a unique diving experience with its dramatic drop-off and stunning coral walls. Descend into the depths and witness the beauty of the underwater world unfold before your eyes. Encounter colorful reef fish, turtles, and maybe even a passing pelagic species. For those seeking an adventure through an underwater tunnel, Siaes Tunnel is the perfect choice. Swim through this captivating tunnel adorned with beautiful corals and sponges.
Inside, you may spot lobsters, nudibranchs, and other fascinating critters. Keep an eye out for the large Hawksbill and Green Turtles along the reef.


Meals: Breakfast / Lunch

Day 7 – Free and Easy

Breakfast in the resort.

Today is a day for you to choose your own adventure. Whether you want to lounge on the pristine beach, explore local markets and shops, or take a leisure stroll to soak in the island’s natural beauty, the day is yours to enjoy at your own pace. Palau offers an array of activities, from hiking to bird-watching, ensuring you have a truly customizable experience.



Meals: Breakfast

Day 8 – Departure

Check out and depart for APA flight at 06:40 AM.

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