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8D7N Liveaboard Palau


  • Small groups for a personalized diving experience
  • Digital camera studio for photography enthusiasts
  • Dive into the amazing sites of Palau or the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Philippines in comfort and with ease
  • Dive sites include Ulong Channel, Siaes Corner, New Drop-off, German Channel, Blue Corner, Turtle Cove, etc..
  • Cuisine and snacks available throughout the day


Dive into the amazing sites of Palau or the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Philippines in comfort and with ease. Groups are kept small, and the experienced and professional dive guides are always on hand to assist with any issues. With a digital camera studio, camera set-up bench, and a large camera rinse tank, the Solitude One Liveaboard will surely give you a dive vacation to remember.


Book your amazing scuba diving liveaboard adventure today.



  • Accommodation on-board in the category of cabin of guests’ chosen package on twin/double (or quad sharing in quad cabin).
  • Guests can check in from 1800hrs the day (Dinner Included); Check Out latest at 1700hrs on the day of the Cruise End-Date (No Dinner);
  • Full-Board Meal Plan with in-between meal snacks and all non-alcoholic beverages;
  • 3 or 4 daily guided Boat Day-Dives ** all dives are subject to our No-Fly/Altitude Minimum 18 Hours Policy & cruise itinerary (which may change due to weather and/or level of diving experience of the guests) – No Dives on disembarkation day;
  • Complimentary Milkyway, Rock Island & Jelly Fish Lake Tour on day of Disembarkation (unless closed to any visits by the authorities);
  • Return KOROR (Palau) Airport transfer to MV Solitude One (Pickup/Drop-off other than Airport is subject to additional charge);



  • State Cabin/Room Tax (10USD per Day)
  • Koror State Diving Permit including Rock Island & Jellyfish Lake (USD100) for up-to-10 days OR Koror State Diving Permit excluding Jellyfish Lake & Rock Island (USD50) for up-to-10 days, Peleliu Diving Permit (USD30) for up-to-10 Days. Palau Pristine Paradise Environmental Fee (a.k.a Koror Airport Departure & Green Tax USD100);
  • If required, late check-out (disembarkation) with Dinner (100USD per person). Standard check-out time is 1700Hrs, late check-out will allow you to disembark latest at 0000Hrs the following date.
  • Alcoholic beverages, Gratuities, Scuba & Skin Diving Equipment, Enriched Air Nitrox , Guest Services as mentioned as additional costs.
  • A Fuel Surcharge of 30USD per Person per night of the cruise itinerary or otherwise advised on booking or charter (Payable on board) if International Cruise Barrel average Price within 60 days the cruise embarkation is equal to 70USD or higher, OR 50USD per Person per night of the cruise itinerary or otherwise advised on booking or charter (Payable on Board) if International Crude Barrel Price average Price within 30 days the cruise embarkation is equal to 110USD or higher
  • Flight tickets and airport taxes
  • Airport Transfer
  • Travel / Covid Insurance
  • Tipping for guide and driver
  • Personal expenses such as international call charges, minibar, laundry
  • Any other items that is not mentioned in the inclusions above


  • Air-conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • Housekeeping
  • In-Room Dining
  • Laundry Serviced
  • Television Set
  • Towels


Day 1 - Embarkation

Upon boarding Solitude One, a welcome from the rest of our crew awaits you. Orientation and registration will begin once you are welcomed

Day 2 - 2 or 3 dives

Choice of Sites: Helmet Wreck/Chandelier Cave/ Jake Seaplane/Teshio Maru 


Leave Malakal Lagoon Anchorage for Ulong Island. Today is our first day of diving and Solitude One will still be moored in Malakal Bay just off the shore of the main town. As you may or may not have known, this area was the center of a major battle between the US and Japanese armed forces during WW2. There are many WW2 shipwrecks scattered in close proximity to the most populated town of Koror. You have the possibility of diving both shipwrecks and an airplane wreck. There is also a popular and easy cavern dive within a close by rock island called the Chandelier Cave.


This is a beginner cavern dive which consists of 4 separate air chambers in the roof of a very spacious cavern which are visited during the dive. Guests have the opportunity to ascend into theses spacious air chambers and view the stalactites that have formed from the ceiling of this limestone cave. Today you get to experience a very different side of Palau diving, displaying both the history, and highlighting the diversity of dive sites within this small island nation. The visibility around this area is normally much less than the clear blue waters that you probably would expect from Palau, but it only adds to the mysteriousness of the experience.


In the afternoon we will set sail for the 1-2 hours journey to Ulong island

Day 3 - 3 or 4 dives

Choice of Sites: Iro Wreck/Ulong Channel/Sandy Paradise/Siaes Corner 


Today we wake up moored just off of the stunning white sand beach of Ulong island. We have the choice today to dive a very large, full- intact, WW2 shipwreck called the Iro, and the walls, reefs, and current swept corners of the Ulong area. Drifting along the vertical walls give you the feeling you're flying while you take in the amazingly healthy coral growth. There are beautiful schools of multicolored, plankton eating reef fish surfing the current as you pass by, and when the current is pumping at the corners, there are numerous sharks to keep you company while you're dangling by your reef hook. The sand in this area is pure white, the water comes in an array of blue colors, most of the time it's crystal clear, and reef walls drop into the abyss. You are truly in paradise. We'll stay in this area overnight.

Day 4 - 3 or 4 dives

 Choice of Sites: Siaes Tunnel/Siaes Corner/Ulong Channel/Sandy Paradise/German Channel/New Drop-Off Leave Ulong Anchorage for German Channel Anchorage via Whale Island 


Today we wake up still in front of Ulong island. We will have another opportunity to dive in this area before moving to farther south. As the visibility is normally amazing, it's easy to get caught up in staring at the wide-angle view of the reefs and walls, but if you pay closer attention to the reef you will find that Palau also has an impressive array of macro life. During the afternoon we find ourselves riding through the German Channel, which is a very shallow channel that was carved through the reef during the German occupation for a more efficient navigation of Palau's islands. Most of the country is surrounded by a barrier reef, which the approximate southern half of the reef comprises the UNESCO World Heritage site of the RISL (Rock Island Southern Lagoon). The reef is very shallow and this forces larger ships to take the long route along the outside of the barrier reef to reach the southern islands. Luckily our skiffs can pass through the German Channel, making for a much shorter commute to the southern dive sites


The actual German Channel dive site is south of the boat passage, where the southern edge of the channel slopes into the deep, and this is where the Manta Rays come to feed and get cleaned. As we continue to venture farther south, we come to the southern outer reef where some of the most famous dive sites in Palau await. As we dive during the day, Solitude One will make the long journey via the eastern outer reef around the southern tip of Peleliu to meet us

Day 5 & 6 - 3 or 4 dives a day

Choice of Sites: Peleliu (Wall/ Cut/Express/Corner)/Orange Beach/German Channel/Blue Corner/Blue Holes)/Turtle Cove/Big Drop-Off 


We spend the next 2 days diving the current swept walls and corners of Ngemelis island, home of the Blue Corner and Blue Holes, and Peleliu. Clear water, stunning coral gardens, and massive schools of both big and small fish, including an impressive number of sharks await. You'll have plenty of chances to navigate current and learn how to utilize a reef hook properly. During this day there is the potential for an optional Peleliu island WW2 land tour (Dependent on guest interest/weather conditions AND a dive must be skipped to fit the land tour into the daily schedule

Day 7 - 3 dives

Your last dive has to conform to our 18 hours no-fly/no-altitude policy.


Choice of Sites: German Channel/Blue Corner/New Drop- Off/Big Drop-Off/Ngedebus Corner 


Our last day of diving. By now you are like a seasoned professional using the reef hook and navigating the currents of Palau. We will have our last dives, say goodbye to the southern reefs of Palau, and slowly make our way back to Malakal Harbour


Return to Malakal Lagoon Anchorage in the late evening.

Day 8 - No Diving

After a big breakfast, you have optional complimentary tours (you will only need to pay for the entry permit fees) of Jellyfish Lake & Milky Way by speed boat. After the tour, you will return to Solitude One and prepare for check out before a late lunch. You will also be briefed on your check-out bills so you may prepare for payment.


We accept USD Cash (preferred) or Credit Card (Please let the cruise directors know the day before disembarkation). Disembarkation (check-out) will be by 1700hrs (dinner is not included). Late check-out till latest 0000Hrs (the next day) can be accommodated subject to availability and extra charge (please enquire for the current rate that will also include dinner)

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