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5D4N Free and Easy Palau


  • Sit back and relax on round-trip hotel transfer service
  • Drop by Palau's must-see sights, perfect for first-timers in Palau!
  • Visit Japanese Communication Center WWII and Airai Abai House, Capitol Tour, Ngarchelong Todai, Ngarchelong Stone Monolith, Aimeliik State Abai House
  • Lunch at M&A Bungalow Beach
  • Free walking tours


Discover Palau with this itinerary for a relaxed and flexible adventure. Enjoy a easy going trip to explore the stunning island at your own pace. Immerse yourself in Palauan culture with a day tour, featuring highlights like the Airai Abai House in a traditional village. Experience the beauty and charm of Palau on this leisurely journey.



  • 4 Nights' accommodation with breakfast 
  • Hotel Pick up and Drop off 
  • Airport Transfer 
  • Tours inclusive of lunch and water
  • Personal driver / tour guide 
  • Fuel and car
  • Land Permit
  • All government taxes 



  • Admission fees are not included
  • Flight tickets and airport taxes
  • Travel / Covid Insurance
  • Tipping for guide and driver
  • Personal expenses such as international call charges, minibar, laundry
  • Any other items that is not mentioned in the inclusions above


Terms and conditions

  • The above rates quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • The above rates quoted are inclusive of prevailing taxes
  • All rooms and rates are subject to availability


*Please note that International check-in time is at 3PM local time. 

*For early check in requests are subject to additional charge. We recommend to pre book the room 1 night before your arrival date to secure a guaranteed early check in.



Cove Resort Palau (Optional)

Pre-book for 1 additional night for guaranteed early check in @ SGD 445.00


Palau Royal Resort (Optional)

Pre-book for 1 additional night for guaranteed early check in @ SGD 449.00


Palau Pacific Resort (Optional)

Pre-book for 1 additional night for guaranteed early check in @ SGD 660.00


Day 1 - Arrival

Welcome to Palau! Your five-day adventure kicks off as you arrive in Palau. Upon arrival, our dedicated representative will greet you and guide you to your chosen resort. There, we'll arrange for your bags to be securely stored, allowing you to relish a leisurely morning. Savor a delightful breakfast while taking in the tropical ambiance. Use this time to adjust to the island's charm, setting the stage for the exhilarating days of discovery that lie ahead in Palau.

Meals: Refreshment

Day 2 – Full day Cultural Land Tour (Private Tour)

Breakfast in the resort. 


Embark on a captivating cultural land tour in Palau and delve into the rich history and heritage of this beautiful island nation. This tour will take you to significant landmarks and sites that showcase Palau's cultural diversity and historical significance.


Begin your journey by visiting the Japanese Communication Center WWII, a fascinating site that sheds light on Palau's role during World War II. Explore the underground tunnels and bunkers that were once used by the Japanese military, and learn about the island's wartime history through informative exhibits and displays.


Next, venture to Airai Abai House, a traditional Palauan village that offers a glimpse into the island's indigenous culture. Immerse yourself in the local way of life as you interact with friendly villagers, witness traditional dances, and admire the intricately designed traditional houses. Gain insights into Palauan customs, traditions, and craftsmanship as you explore this cultural gem.


Continue your cultural exploration with a visit to the Capitol Tour in Ngerulmud, the capital of Palau. Marvel at the impressive architecture of the Capitol Building, which is known for its unique design and sustainable features. Learn about Palau's government structure and the country's commitment to environmental conservation.


In Ngarchelong, discover the awe-inspiring Ngarchelong Todai, also known as the "Big House." This ancient meeting house is a testament to Palau's traditional social structure and serves as a gathering place for important ceremonies and events. Admire the intricate carvings and architectural details that reflect Palauan craftsmanship and cultural significance.


Another highlight of the tour is the Ngarchelong Stone Monolith, a collection of massive stone pillars that stand as a symbol of Palau's ancient past. These towering monoliths are believed to have been erected by early Palauan settlers and hold great spiritual and historical significance. Marvel at their grandeur and ponder the mysteries surrounding their creation.


Conclude your cultural land tour at the Aimeliik State Abai House, where you can witness the traditional Palauan practice of bai construction. Bai houses are communal meeting places that serve as centers for social gatherings and important ceremonies. Observe the skilled craftsmanship involved in constructing these traditional structures and gain a deeper understanding of Palauan communal life.


This cultural land tour in Palau offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the island's history, traditions, and cultural heritage. From World War II relics to ancient stone monuments and traditional village experiences, this tour promises to be a captivating journey through Palau's rich cultural tapestry.



Meals: Breakfast / Lunch 

Day 3 and Day 4 - Free and Easy

Breakfast in the resort. 

Your penultimate day in Palau offers even more opportunities for relaxation and exploration.  You can revisit your favourite spots or discover new ones.  This day is all about embracing the freedom to tailor your experience to your preferences. 



Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 - Departure

Early breakfast. 


As your 5-day journey in Palau comes to a close, cherish the memories you have created in this extraordinary island nation.


After checking out, you will head to the airport for your departure. With a heart full of experiences and a camera full of pictures, bid farewell to Palau, knowing you’ve had an unforgettable adventure in this captivating paradise. 



Meals: Breakfast

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