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Home Press Media SoulTrips Introduces Bali Insider Tours with preview of The Luc, TUI Blue’s first Indonesian hotel property

Decoding Bali's Vacation Rental and Hospitality Trends with resurgence of tourist arrivals

Singapore - June 19, 2024 – SoulTrips has partnered with Geonet Property and Finance Group (GPFG) to launch Bali Insider Tours, offering a unique blend of regional exploration of Bali and cultural immersion for real estate enthusiasts. The bespoke tours will provide participants with an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into Bali's hospitality investment landscape.

Geonet Property and Finance Group (GPFG) CEO and founder Chad Egan said “In a landscape of promising investment opportunities, Bali continues to emerge as a beacon for property investors seeking cash flow assets, offering attractive annual returns of around 15%. Investing in individual hotel rooms with reputable operators is a growing trend, offering attractive returns for smaller investors.”

Egan added, “Personalised guidance and support are paramount for investors venturing into unfamiliar overseas markets. Through these investor tours organised by SoulTrips, we help simplify the process of due diligence and ensure we provide market insights into Bali's real estate opportunities having a first-hand experience visiting projects is important as there are a variety of properties that cater to different investor preferences, from hotel room investments, to luxury villas to family-friendly apartments.”

GPFG’s unique approach includes exclusive contracts with vetted developers, fractional investment options starting from US$40,000, 8% cashback during construction, and full legal ownership for a specific term period of around 25 years in their names, with a guaranteed extension.

The first Insider tours will take place in July 2024, and participants will be the first to preview The Luc, ahead of its Q4 2024 opening. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Canggu, The Luc is a short 500 metres walk from the renowned Berawa Beach and the iconic FINNS Beach Club. With the trendiest restaurants and boutiques at its doorstep, the luxury hotel has 108-rooms, 14 villas and 14 retail shops.



The Luc is TUI BLUE’s first hotel in Indonesia, and is expected to be Bali’s premier luxury lifestyle destination. Part of the TUI Group, a leader in Europe’s hospitality sector, TUI BLUE is rapidly expanding globally with its hotels, and is expected to expand its global presence to more than 300 hotels worldwide. Developed by PT. Bali Ria Internasional, the hotel is set to be a vibrant lifestyle hub in Bali's coveted Berawa region. Only a limited collection of villas are available for investors to buy, with over 60% sold out.




Anthon Hilman, CEO of The Luc said, “The Luc is more than a destination; it is an immersive journey into the heart of Indonesian culture, enveloped in the luxury of the modern world. Our collaboration with premium local brands and artisans from Indonesia is instrumental in bringing this vision to life, thereby making a profound impact on Bali’s tourism landscape and its international stature.”

Artur Gerber, Managing Director of TUI BLUE said, "TUI BLUE stands for individual holiday experiences with a local touch, a trend that is well received worldwide. Bali has an irresistible charm, where from sunrise to sunset and well into the night, travellers are embraced by a kaleidoscope of natural wonders, breathtaking sunsets, and stunning beaches, interwoven with rich cultural experiences and wellness experiences. Enhanced by a vibrant dining and nightlife scene, Bali shines as a destination renowned for seamlessly blending affordability with luxury, offering visitors an indulgent lifestyle without compromise.

Joni Herison, Director at SoulTrips said, "Our Bali Insider Tours are ideal for holidaymakers considering investing in real estate in Bali. By facilitating meetings with local experts to provide insights into Bali's vacation rental and hospitality trends, our guests can gain peace of mind and confidence in their investment decisions."


Each Bali Insider tour will cover the following key aspects:

  • Market Trends Overview: Participants will gain valuable insights into Bali's real estate market trends, including property valuation, growth prospects, and investment potential. Expert guides will provide analysis and forecasts to help participants make informed investment decisions.
  • Property Viewings: Tour participants will have the opportunity to view a curated selection of properties, including villas, apartments and hotel investment assets located in Bali's most sought-after locations for property investment.
  • Q&A Session with Experts: Participants will have the opportunity to seek advice on property ownership regulations for foreign investors via Q&A sessions with real estate experts.


Overseas property ownership has grown in popularity as the world becomes more globally focused and pent-up demand for travel continues to grow. Bali Tourism numbers have rebounded and saw an uptake by 145% from 2022 numbers with about 5.2 mil international tourist arrivals in 2023.

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